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Mr. Forstner is a business graduate and has studied tax, accounting and auditing at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and successfully completed in a short time.


KPMG Auditing:

At KPMG, he had performed various auditings and consulting services to companies in different industries and different sizes. For a well-known large mandate he was entrusted to a reputable bank in Germany..


Private Equity, Venture Capital, Golding Capital Partners:

Mr. Forstner worked for many years at Golding Capital Partners in Munich, one of Europe's leading asset manager for private equity, private debt and infrastructure funds.
In other fund companies he was responsible for real estate, renewable energy and other assets


Experts and worldwide network:

In addition, Mr. Forstner has a worldwide network of experts and investors, and can advise and guide both small or medium-sized companies and large international companies.

University in Germany:

At the University of Heidelberg and Frankfurt, Richard Hoffmann studied law and ventured out to Beijing after having worked in Germany and the United States of America.


Co-founder of ECOVIS Beijing:

Richard Hoffmann, co-founded the legal and tax consulting firm ECOVIS Beijing. Only 2 years after, Ecovis became the number one/best legal and tax service provider for German companies investing in China. Additionally, Richard assists in various M&A transactions from China to Europe. 



He is a trusted partner of various embassies in Beijing.



He also a successful publisher of more than fifty articles in international magazines. Because of his competence in Sino-German legal affairs, Richard is often invited as an expert by international TV stations such as CCTV to comment on issues relating to Foreign Direct Investment.



Besides German, Richard’s language proficiency in English, French and Chinese define him as a truly global-citizen.


He and his family are based in Beijing.

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